Location - Port of Port of Spain

The Port of Port of Spain is situated in Port of Spain, the captial city of Trinidad and bounded seawards by the Gulf of Paria.

Latitude 10°39’ North, Longitude 61°31.5’ West.


The Port of Port of Spain is approached via the Grier Channel. 061.5°

Grier Channel


The Grier Channel is approximately 8km in length, with a dredged depth of 12m CD. The width of the Channel is 122m. There are 20 Aids to Navigation Buoys marking the Channel. Each pair of buoys is spaced approximately 800m apart. The Channel opens up into a Turning Basin approximately 550m in diameter. The depths alongside the marginal wharf vary from -9.75m at Berths 1-5 and Berth 8, and a depth of -12m for Berths 6-7. The elevation of the top of the wharf is approximately +3.0m

Tidal Levels

Mean Higher High Water = 1.1m

Mean Lower Low Water = 0.4m

Chart Datum = 0m


Cruise Ship Berths 3 & 4 – Yokohama Cylindrical Fenders

Cargo Berth 5 – Tyres

Cargo Berths 6 & 7 – Compression Fenders


Bollard spacing approximately - 25m

Bollard Pull - 35 to 50 tonnes


Vessels are permitted to anchor two miles from the Port of Port of Spain, in the Gulf of Paria outside the entrance of the Grier Channel.


Admiralty Chart Nos. 482, 483 & 484

Towage Requirements

Towage is not necessary for vessels of 1,000 GRT and under. Vessels above 1,000 GRT require one tug and vessels above 20,000 GRT require two or more tugs. (See table below)

Towage Table

Navigational Aids

Aids to navigation include paired channel lights and range lights system.

Distance from Cruise Ports to the Port of Port of Spain

Distance of Cruise Ports


Port Limits

All that portion of the Gulf of Paria bounded by an imaginary line as follows:

From Martin Point on the mainland to the eastern-most point of Nelson Island, then due South to the lattitude 10°36' 24" North and then due East to the mainland.



US Exchange Rate Applicable:

September to November 2022 - $6.80