On 14th June 2012, the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago celebrated its  50th Anniversary. While the Port has been in existence since 1939 ( with the  of the construction of the seawall)  the Port Authority as a Statutory Authority was established by an Act of Parliament in 1961  - Act 39 of 1961, known as the Port Authority Act, Chapter 51:01. The Act, which was proclaimed on June 14th 1962, provides for a coordinated and integrated system of harbor facilities and port services.    

The passing of this Act saw the appointment of a Board of Commissioners, headed by a Chairman,  a Deputy Chairman and  three (minimum) to seven (maximum) Commissioners. The Port Services Department, the Dredging and Towage Services of the Harbour Master’s and the Coastal Steamers Services formed the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago in 1962.

Fifty (50) years later, the Port Authority is an entity comprising four business units, namely: The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago Governing Unit (PATTGU); The Port of Port of Spain  (PPOS) – with responsibility for cargo handling operations at the Port; The Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Transport Company (TTIT) – responsible for the operations of the  ferry service and the Port of Spain Infrastructure Company (POSINCO)- the Landlord Unit and manager of Cruise Ship facilities.

Our progress over the years is documented in this publication. Clearly, the photographs speak for themselves.



The Public Relations wishes to thank all who assisted in the production of this publication, namely:

Dr. Selwyn - Lee Young –  Port Engineer in 1962

Ms. Jade Nangoo and the Reference Team at the Heritage Library , NALIS

Mr.  Stephen  Young Sing – son of Commissioner, Patrick Young Sing

Mr. Selwyn Constantine –  First Vice President of the Seamen & Waterfront Workers’ Trade Union

Mr. John Sankeralli – Retired Operations Manager, Port Authority



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