Core Values

At the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago we believe that the Health, Safety and Welfare of all persons who use this facility is of utmost importance. We are committed to accident prevention by adhering to the motto:

"A system is only as effective as those charged with the responsibility of implementation"

We believe that accident prevention is a shared responsibility, and each person who enters our compound, regardless of status has a moral, ethical and legal obligation to each other.

HSE Department

The Port Authority HSE Department’s function is to ensure the safety, health and welfare of our employees, contractors, the community and visitors to the port.  As part of our ongoing commitment to employees and stakeholders’ safety, we apply an effective HSE Management system to all our operational activities.

The Port Authority HSE Department is guided by our clear SAFETY POLICY which essentially serves as the “Constitution” for HSE within our facility.

The Port Authority HSE Department is a dynamic unit that is well trained and committed to the prevention of accidents and ill-health.  We operate on a 24/7 basis and under our purview there is a wide scope of responsibilities.

The following are some of our responsibilities which but are not limited to:


  • We conduct HSE Training and Orientation to all staff and contractors to ensure that they acquire the necessary information, instruction and training that are required to safely perform their duties. 


  • On an ongoing basis, the HSE Department, monitors, evaluates and audit the HSE Management System with a view to complying with local and International Standards as well as ensuring that the system is achieving its desired aim of excellent HSE performance.


  • The HSE Department manages the Waterfront Clinic and its accompanying 24 hour Ambulance Service thereby achieving compliance with the requirements of the OSH Act 2004, amended by Act No. 3 of 2006. According to, Part VII, Section 43, Sub-section (4) of the Act, “In every factory or industrial estate where more than two hundred and fifty persons are employed, there shall be provided and maintained and ambulance and a first-aid room of a prescribed size,” As part of our ongoing commitment to the safety, health and welfare of our employees, injuries requiring first aid treatment are facilitated at the Waterfront Clinic. Seriously injured persons are transported to the Port of Spain General Hospital for treatment. In addition, the Clinic is used for periodic employee health surveillance as well as substance abuse testing.