Cargo Handling

Tools of the Trade at the Port of Port of Spain ( PPOS)

At the Port of Port of Spain having the right tools to do the job is essential to our success.  We are committed to ensuring the movement of cargo throughout the Port is well-organized, efficient, fast and safe. In order to achieve this, PPOS utilizes a combination of terminal equipment which consist of five major types: Ship-to-Shore Cranes, Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes, Reach Stackers, Empty, Full Container Handlers and Terminal Tractor Trucks.

Our Ship-to-Shore cranes are used to service the inland navigation and consist of:

  • Two Panamax cranes capable of handling vessels up to 12 containers wide and lifting a container load of 40 tons,
  • Two Post Panamax cranes capable of handling vessels up to 18 containers wide and lifting a container load of 40 tons or a twin-twenty capacity of 50 tons; and
  • One Mobile Harbor crane that can safely access a 41-ton container in any position within a 131.23 feet or 40 meter radius.

The Rubber Tyred Gantries, are used for transporting and stacking container within the terminal.  PPOS owns Twelve (12) RTG Cranes.  These RTGs are capable of stacking up to five (5) containers high and six (6) containers across.

Our three (3) Reach Stackers are used for quick loading and unloading of regular or cold storage containers, stacking in other storage areas, and loading and unloading of terminal and private trucks.

Empty Container Handlers on the other hand are capable of handling only empty 20ft. or 40ft. containers. These nine (9) ECHs are used for stacking, loading and unloading unto terminal and private trucks. They can also be used for short distance transport on the quay and terminal. 

Our two (2) Full Container Handlers assist in the movements of containers discharged by the Mobile Harbour Crane from the vessel.

PPOS’ forty-five (45) Terminal Tractors Trucks move the container to the stacking or storage areas and the quayside, for loading unto and off-loading from the vessel.

Smaller bulk cargo vessels are also catered for with the use of 50 - 78ft. boom mobile cranes and container forklifts. Cargo such as paper rolls and barrels are not an issue, as we are equipped to handle these quickly with our fleet of barrel lifts (modified fork-lifts).

Special attention has be given to the analysis and choice of the optimal combination of equipment in regards to qualitative and quantitative dimensions to ensure we have the most reliable equipment at the Port of Port of Spain. This task falls under the watchful eyes of Mr. Robert Ramsubhag - Equipment Manager and his team of engineers, technicians and artisans. Mr. Ramsubhag and his team are cognizant of different factors such as equipment sizes, dimensions and capabilities, terminal design, vessel sizes, number of moves per call, turn-around times and local weather conditions.

Acquiring the right tools is only part of the equation. Maintenance of the existing fleet of equipment is also extremely important. The Port of Port of Spain utilises the DynaStar System, to assist in managing costs, the procurement of spares, monitoring the performance, and reliability of all equipment.

PPOS objective is to handle 1 million TEUs in the foreseeable future, the availability of the right equipment is crucial in achieving this.

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