Cargo Handling

Port of Port of Spain Equipment Breakdown | PPOS

Equipment Type: Ship to Shore | STS

Number of Equipment: 4

Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes are used to lift containers on and off ships by using a long horizontal arm called a boom that is part of the crane which can reach over the container ship. The crane has a specialized operator who sits in a glass cabin which is connected under via a trolley near the top of the crane. The operator can move the cabin and trolley along the boom to get above the container that it wants to pick up.


Equipment Type: Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes | RTG

Number of Equipment: 12

Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes are used to move containers within a container terminal. At Port of Port of Spain, RTGs work with container cranes to move the containers either to or away from the dock. The RTGs are also used to load or unload trailers that bring export containers into the port or import containers that are delivered to businesses.


Equipment Type: Reach Stackers | R/S

Number of Equipment: 3

Reach Stackers are used to transport containers that are waiting to be moved from one mode of transport / position to another. The vehicle has a long arm that reaches over the top of the driver from behind which can pick up containers by using the spreader bar at the end of its long arm. The spreader is placed on top of the container and locks onto the container using twist locks. Reach stackers are able to place containers straight onto the back of trailer trucks and stack containers on top of each other for storage. They can use their long and flexible arm to stack containers up to 4 rows deep.


Equipment Type: Empty Container Handlers | ECH

Number of Equipment: 7

Empty Container Handlers are used for handling empty containers that are to be stored in container yards. They are able to transport containers and stack them in rows up to 7 containers high. Like a reach stacker, the empty container handler uses a spreader bar which connects into the corners of the containers using twist locks. The container is then lifted via long vertical arm of the handler which can be that about 20 m high. These machines are very important for storing containers in areas that have a limited space.


Equipment Type: Mobile Harbour Crane | Gottwald

Number of Equipment: 1

At PPOS our Gottwald operates as the most versatile crane in our arsenal. The Gottwald is suitable for handling general cargo, container cargo and break bulk materials. This crane offers high flexibility to quayside operations.


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