Cargo Handling

Services Offered at the Port of Port of Spain | PPOS

Services at the Port of Port of Spain | PPOS 

  • Vessel Berthing Operations
  • Vessel Planning Operations
  • Quay Transfer
  • Container Yard Operations
  • Gate Operations for Receipt and Delivery
  • Bulk/Breakbulk Operations | Click here to download our Breakbulk Brochure >
  • Container Freight Station – Stuffing Unsnuffing Operations
  • Roll on Roll off Vehicles Operations
  • Heavy Lift Operations
  • Lay-By Berth for Minor Repairs
  • Cruise /  Passenger

Berths and Quayside Specs

3 Container Berths

2 Container General Cargo/Vehicles

1 Dedicated General Cargo Berth

1 Cruise Passenger Berth

1 Dedicated Bulk Berth

12m Depth

10m Depth

9.7m Depth

9.7m Depth

9.7m Depth

Berth 3 and 4 (161m):

  • Passenger
  • Breakbulk Vessels

Berth 5 (161m) and 6 (184m):

  • Breakbulk Vessels
  • Roll on Roll Vessels
  • Container Vessels

Maximum draught alongside

  • High Tide -11m
  • Normal Tide – 10m
  • Tidal Window – 1m

Equipment used for Operations

PPOS is well equipped with certified equipment and gears which include a Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane and Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes to handle breakbulk operations.

Click here to find out more about our Equipment and their operations >