Cruise Shipping

Rates & Charges

Marine User Charges US$Rate Notes
Port Dues for use of Harbour    
From 17 to 10,000 GT $0.06  
Capacity over 10,001 GT $1,300.00  
Towage per (movement/tug/hour)   {Per hour, with 1 hour minimum,Over 1 hour up to 30 { 1 hour plus 50% of hourly rate. - Plus VAT
Tug - Port of Spain $700.00 {Over 1 hour and  30 mins, rate rounded up for FULL {hours. - Plus VAT
Outside of Port of Spain $700.00 Per hour/per Tug from base to base. - Plus VAT
Cancellation of Tugs Order   Same as above rates / %, based on one hour
Vessel with no power $900.00  
Scarborough  - To be determined upon request for service (base to base)
Vessel Mooring/Unmooring & Shifting alongside.(per move)PPOS    
Fixed rate per operation $200.00 Plus VAT 
Additional % on the above rates 75% Public Holidays only. - Plus VAT
Berthing Dues/ Occupancy $0.03*GT Per day.  Minimum one day. - Plus VAT
Water Supply $4.00 Per Ton
Head Tax $5.00 Per person (non Caricom residents)




US Exchange Rate Applicable:

September to November 2022 - $6.80