Cargo Handling

The Port of Port of Spain | PPOS

A natural harbour on the sheltered north western coast of Trinidad, the Port of Port of Spain is ideally positioned to service the major sea lanes between the Americas, the islands of the Caribbean and the trading links between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via the Panama Canal.

The Port of Port of Spain (PPOS) is the cargo handling business unit of the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. PPOS provides berthing for international container vessels, breakbulk, roll- on/ roll-off, dry and liquid/bulk cargo vessels, as well as towage services, container freight services and warehousing, and a one stop barrel shop for clearance and delivery of personal effects.


Committed to operational efficiency and stakeholder value for a sustainable future.

  • Logo
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Core Values

To be a sustainable, innovative, customer driven and productive Caribbean Port, through our focus on operational efficiency and aggressive and strategic marketing.

PPOS will leverage its location,a motivated and well trained workforce, state of the art technology, modern and reliable equipment, and well developed infrastructure to deliver high value and efficient service to its many stakeholders.

The Guiding Principles of PPOS to be embraced by Management and employees are:

Operational Efficiency

PPOS will:

  • Focus on continually improving its services and upgrading its equipment and technology to better serve its customers
  • Consistently focus on efficiency of services to meet and exceed its customers expectations.

Mutual Respect

PPOS will:

  • Welcome and respect the views of both its internal and external customers
  • Maintain a productive working relationship with its customers

Health, safety and the environment

PPOS will:

  • Promote a safe, secure and eco-friendly environment
  • Place priority on the safety of all its stakeholders

Worker Engagement

PPOS will:

  • Value the involvement of its employees in decision making
  • Encourage creativity, employee participation, and teamwork in all aspects of corporate activities

Ethical Values

PPOS will:

  • consistently practice honesty, confidentiality, trustworthiness,fairness and transparency in every transaction with all customers
  • Integrity shall be at the core of all relationships that PPOS has with its stakeholders

Customer Service

PPOS will:

  • Recognize that managements accessibility is a key ingredient to sound customer relations
  • Place priority on its customers needs and expectations


PPOS will:

  • Promote a culture of motivated and committed professionals
  • Constantly develop and equip its employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the highest quality standards.



Management Team

Mr. Robert Ramsubhag CEO PPOS Ag.
Ms. Candice Baptiste Head of Marketing & Public Relations Ag.
Mr. Jackie Charles Health Safety Environment Manager (HSE) Ag.
Mr. David King Divisional Manager Equipment Ag. 
Ms. Patricia Persad Divisional Manager of Operations Ag.
Mr. Junior Cox Manager of Container Operations Ag.


Strategy Map




  • New STS Crane commissioned.
  • New West Gate opened
  • Commissioning of 16 Gaussin Trailers in 2011
  • Removal of Shed 9 - providing ...... hectures of storage area for containers
  • New terminal operating system, NAVIS SPARCS N4 to be launched in 2012


Health Safety and Environment Core Values

At the Port of Port of Spain we believe that the Health, Safety and Welfare of all persons who use this facility is of utmost importance. We are committed to accident prevention by adhering to the motto:

A system is only as effective as those charged with the responsibility of implementation

We believe that accident prevention is a shared responsibility, and each employee regardless of status has a moral, ethical and legal obligation to each other.